My Aspirations in Life

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Looking back on my life and my upbringings, I am aware that I come from a very privileged background. I have had gone on multiple family vacations, I have had the latest devices and games, and clothes, etc. However, that doesn’t mean life was always a walk in the park, even if my problems were tiny compared to the rest of the world’s. That doesn’t mean I can’t relate, and that I don’t understand what hardship is like.

Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted out of life. I always had this fear and paranoia about the unknown, especially the future. I felt like if I didn’t do exactly as I was told all the time, I would grow up to be a failure. Regardless I’ve always had a passion to help others. Regardless of being uncertain with myself, I’ve almost always felt the most confident when I was giving advice to my friends and others.

I honestly don’t remember when I decided that

Hey, I want to make a difference in someone’s life, and inspire them, if not the world,

but I’ve always had this feeling in my heart that just made me want to go out and just help in any way that I could. Throughout middle school, and heavily high school, I was active in community service, and philanthropic projects.

During the times where I was doing something for someone else, whether it be something so simple as giving advice to a friend, or something as intricate as helping building a house, I always had a sense of accomplishment. And I don’t mean the feeling you get when you finally finished a paper, or when you get a good grade on a test. This feeling is describable, but not in a concise and coherent explanation. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a very fulfilling feeling knowing that I have been able to help someone, whether or not it affected their entire day, or their entire life.

So overall, my aspirations in life include:

  • helping others regardless of how complicated the task
  • hoping to inspire others
  • hoping to make a difference
  • being happy

This is basically all that I can think of right now. I had recorded a video to help further explain this, but as I am editing, it’s not as coherent as I wanted it to be. I’m going to have to sit down and really think about how I want to convey all of these thoughts and emotions.

Until Next Time xoxo


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